Canal Club is a block away from the famous Venice canals, and across the street from its sister restaurant, James' Beach, also created by restauranteurs James Evans and Daniel Samakow.  

"James' Beach celebrates the familiarity of American comfort food; so when we opened across the street we wanted to celebrate the exploration of other cuisines found in Los Angeles, mainly Latino and Asian. We do so with an emphasis on sustainable, local and quality natural ingredients." - James Evans
On the corner of the 1900s brick building, a small neon sign that reads "Canal Club - Grill and Sushi" does not prepare visitors for Frank Gehry's grand back-lit alabaster interior with  20' ceilings and a tropical stilt house located at its center which together set the mood for the exploration to follow.

"The foundation of these cuisines is elemental, fire and water. Nothing is better than fresh raw fish prepared as ceviche or by our great sushi chef or marinaded meats and fresh vegetables cooked over a wood grill. These simple preparations allow the quality and flavors of the ingredients to come through while also being very healthy." - Daniel Samakow

The menu changes weekly, showcasing what fresh catch or seasonal produce is available. Raw offerings include sashimi and fanciful sushi rolls plus ceviche, poke, carpaccio, oyster shooters and other delicacies. 

The wood grill focuses on plates of pork carnitas, a famous carne asada, grilled baby artichokes with wasabi aioli, brie and grape quesadillas, yakatori skewers and grilled fresh fish. Many of the raw and grilled dishes are also featured on the daily happy hour menu, served from 5 to 7pm, which is considered among the best in Los Angeles by LAList. 

Enhancing the food is a collection of hand-picked local craft beers including Venice brewed, Dog town Duck; an array of sake; a well priced list featuring exciting winemakers; and two bars that serve up a large selection of craft spirits, tropical drinks and signature margaritas. 

On weekends, the block is one of Venice's most popular destinations with crowds of revelers crossing back and forth between the two sister restaurants enjoying the beach air and the diverse cocktails from the two vibrant and different scenes.  
The Canal Club is open.



310 823 3878

2025 Pacific Ave
Venice, CA 90291


Eat: 5–10pm, Daily
Drink: 5-12pm, Su-Th
Party: 10pm-2am Fri/Sat

Happy Hour from 5-7pm, Daily